Buckfastleigh Town Council Meeting 20 May 2020 – Key Messages


  1. COVID-19 Response Update – The Chair welcomed the Rev Tom Benson, one of the lead coordinators for the Buckfastleigh Coronavirus Emergency Response Team, who gave an update to the meeting. The demand for the Foodbank has increased by 700% based on an average week prior to lockdown. Residents who are suffering from financial difficulties or are having problems accessing supplies due to self-isolation are encouraged to come forward before their situation becomes a crisis. Tom thanked the generosity of local residents and businesses who continue to donate food and funds and the support of all the volunteers who are helping with this response.
  2. Youth Consultation – Young Devon were commissioned by the Town Council to carry out a youth consultation. One of the primary recommendations of the subsequent report is to facilitate a youth cafe. Members agreed to commission a pilot project to this effect with Totnes Rural Area Youth Engagement. Further details to follow.
  3. Dartmoor National Park Management Plan Review – The Town Council broadly agrees with the plan but feels that it should be more ambitious in tone, with more specific targets to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the moor and involve the communities who live there. The Plan is available for comment online until May 31st.

Full minutes will be available on the website after the next Town Council Meeting.