Land at Holne Road – Council response

The application by Burrington Estates for a residential development of up to 30 dwellings at Holne Road is now being processed  by Dartmoor National Park.  All relevant documents can be viewed online.  The application number is 0452/18.   Please click on this link to view the response of the Town Council to this application –  Planning […]

Dartmoor Local Plan Review

The Local Plan contains policies which set out what type of development is and isn’t acceptable within the National Park.  It is the first consideration when making a decision on a planning application and is therefore an important document.  It is currently being reviewed as a lot has changed since the current Plan was adopted.  […]

Land at rear of Timbers Road

Dartmoor National Park Authority is currently undertaking a Local Plan review – read more about this process here. As part of this process a Land Availability Assessment (LAA) is produced. A landowner may submit a site for potential development and the LAA will consider whether this site could be developed. The LAA does not however, […]

The Future of the Town Hall

Report from Town Council meeting – 22nd August – The future of the Town Hall The Town Council as the trustee of the Town Hall charity, has done lots of work over the last 3 years, improving building safety, fixing damage and sorting out many of the financial, legal and management issues, but is struggling […]

A New Town Square for Buckfastleigh?

The recent Green Infrastructure Survey looked at ways the environment of the town could be enhanced.  One possibility they identified was the creation of a new town square.  See details below.  This is the kind of project for which outside funding could be applied for, if there is community support. You can read the entire […]

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Recently a Green Infrastructure Strategy was completed as part of the town’s neighbourhood planning process.  It was funded by the government and is intended to inform future growth, including enhancement of biodiversity networks, creation of a more sustainable and active travel network and improvement of key gateway sites.  You can read the full document here 171122_Buckfastleigh […]

Buckfastleigh Emergency Plan Update

Our Emergency Plan exists to help the town respond effectively in the event of any kind of emergency such as flooding, heavy snow, fire or major accidents.  The professional emergency responders are of course the first people to call in such situations, but they may well be stretched to the limit and therefore it is […]

Buckfastleigh Town Hall – The Future…

An extraordinary Town Council meeting to discuss the urgent operational issues of Buckfastleigh Town hall & Institute and options for future management of the charity will be held on August 22nd at 7:00 pm. Buckfastleigh Town Hall is a great resource for the town – it has provided space for learning, exercise, entertainment and performance, as […]

Planning Application for land to the south of Strode Road

The Town Council has received for comment an outline application for six self build affordable dwellings, six starter homes and 16 open market self build custom build dwellings on land to the south of Strode Road (approval sought for access).  Online details are here Below is the response the Council has sent to the Planning […]

88 bus service cuts – Latest update

There is no longer an 88 bus service between Buckfastleigh and Newton Abbot on Sundays.  The Town Council sent a letter to Devon County Council about this cut in service (see below) and this is the response we have received.  It all comes down to what subsidies can be justified in their terms: Dear Ms […]

Antiques Roadshow Volunteer Stewards Needed

On Thursday, 13th September, the BBC will be filming its Antiques Roadshow at Buckfast Abbey.   45 to 50 volunteers are needed.  They must be 18 or over with no known medical reasons why they cannot safely undertake the day’s duties and must be available to attend a briefing session at 3.30 pm on Wednesday 12th […]

Old Phone Boxes – Creative Ideas Please!

What to do with an unused phone box?  Buckfastleigh and Buckfast now have at their disposal four decommissioned phone boxes (two red, two glass) which are located at Glebelands, West End Road, in the car park next to Buckfast Village Hall and at Grange Green, Buckfast.  The one on Grange Green is going to house […]

Proposal to create educational farm at Oaklands Park

The Devon Cambian School, based at Oaklands Park, has submitted a planning application to use the school playing field for an educational farm.  They want to enhance their provision with the introduction of small organically farmed products to include up to 50 laying hens, goats, a small number of pigs and a small polytunnel for […]