Advice from Devon County Council Civil Parking Enforcement

Dear Residents,

The following advice has been issued by the Civil Parking Enforcement team at DCC following a complaint sent by the Town Council on behalf of some residents who have allegedly experienced aggressive ticketing and intimidating behaviour by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) working in Buckfastleigh:-

  • There are 14 CEOs who operate in this area so in order to identify the alleged officer who may be causing concern, please take a note of his/her shoulder number so that he/she may be identified;
  • Please provide as much detail as possible regarding conduct;
  • If the complaint is aimed at enforcement practices in general, all CEOs have to adhere to operational guidelines to maintain consistency and fairness and to protect themselves from malicious claims of favouritism;
  • Any person who feels that they have wrongly been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice can use the appeals process where each case is studied on a case by case basis – for further information please visit the DCC website – Challenge a Penalty Charge Notice