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Council Staff

Town Clerk : Mrs Judith M. Hart - Click to email Judith or in an emergency phone her on 07904 033616

Town Council Admin Assistant: Ms Inga Page - Click to email Inga

Town Hall Administrator : Mrs Clair Stevens - Click to email Clair

Town Ranger: Ray Staines  - Click to email Ray.  He works on Mondays only from 8 am to 4.30 pm.


Caretaker : Kiki Sykes

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Meet your Town Councilors...

With effect from 4th August 2020

If you are interested in becoming a Town Councillor, you can find out more here.

Andy Stokes

Chair of Town Council and Town Mayor

A self-employed IT worker and volunteer counsellor, I was first elected to Buckfastleigh Town Council in 2015. As chair and mayor and part of the BIG team, I’ve worked to make the council work better for the community and involve as many people as possible in running our town.

I have fought to keep our hospitals open and to get proper funding for our schools. I am also campaigning to stop over-development.  Our environment, streets & services can’t take the strain - we only need housing for local people that they can afford!

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Pam Barrett

Deputy Chair of Town Council and Deputy Mayor

Pam Barrett

I've been a civil servant for 30 years.  I’ve been involved in community projects since the floods in 2012 when I organised the community flood group and worked to improve flood protection.  I led the campaign to save and repair the pool and build the new play area by raising over £300,000 in grants.  I became a town councillor in 2015 and led the changes which have enabled us to deliver so many great projects.

Buckfastleigh is a great town with a huge amount to offer to people who live here and to visitors. I want to continue to make positive changes, develop our youth and older peoples services and deliver events and activities that bring the community together.  We’ve a great team who’ve stepped forward to volunteer their time and skills on the town council.

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Huw Cox

I have lived in Buckfastleigh for 20 years and work as a self-employed builder and landscaper.  My partner is a teacher and my daughter attended Buckfastleigh Primary School and is now at South Dartmoor Community College. My particular interests are affordable housing, local employment opportunities, and ensuring residents of Buckfastleigh get a fair deal and that money available is spent for the benefit of the majority of residents.

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Ron Fox

Ron FoxI have lived in Buckfastleigh for nearly 50 years so I must like this place! I've worked locally, starting in the woollen mill, then on the A38 construction before becoming self-employed as a plumber, gas fitter and kitchen fitter. My eldest of five children was born here 48 plus years ago and I have a 16 year old about to start 6th form at SDCC. I have been a town councillor for 4 years and am proud of the changes we have made to how the Council functions and the achievements of the Council over that time. I have been involved in the Amateur Dramatic Group and Chief Barbecuer for Friends of Buckfastleigh School in the past.  More recently part of the team which saved the swimming pool for the town. I am looking forward to participating in the future of our town as part of BIG19.

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Darren Greep

I have lived in Buckfastleigh for over 30 years, nearly all my life!  I‘ve seen many positive changes in our town and I’ve put my hand up to help.

I am a keen sportsman and have played rugby, cricket and football for the town’s clubs and am a committee member for Buckfastleigh Rangers Social and Buckfastleigh Sports Clubs. We have some great sporting facilities and I would like to use my energies in creating more sporting and other activities for people of all ages, introducing new sports and creating more opportunities for young people to play competitive sports.

I’m also very passionate about bringing more events to town. I was very involved in organising the Scooter Rally which has been very successful as well as running the town’s Big Fun Days. I want to work with the BIG19 team to make a difference for Buckfastleigh.

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Kate Kayley

I am a proud mum to three great children. I’ve enjoyed living in Buckfastleigh for the last 13 years and look forward to many more years to come.  I have spent my working life in the voluntary sector, initially in direct support before moving into learning and development to support people working in social care and help improve outcomes for all. I believe in promoting rights and equality, and would like to use my skills and experience in making sure that the council works with and for all residents. 

Whilst I am not allied to any political party, I have been following the developments on the town council over the past four years and believe that there is the passion, skills and assets not just in the BIG team but in the community to make Buckfastleigh and Buckfast the best possible places they can be.

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Gwena Harman

I am an 18 year old student currently studying on the Totnes Art and Design Foundation course, which I will finish in June 2019. I have lived in Buckfastleigh for 8 years and have enjoyed watching the town develop under the new council. I have been an active part of various community projects from a young age, including the refurbishment of the town hall garden, helping to build the pond and maintain the wildlife. I am also an active advocate for climate change awareness, and have recently helped to pass the Climate Emergency Declaration in our town. I want to ensure that the brilliant community interest projects continue to happen, that we continue to put the wellbeing of all our residents first, and that Buckfastleigh continues to grow.

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David Patrick

I am part of the BIG19 group on the Town Council.  I moved here at the start of 2018 with my partner Jane, and straight away felt at home. I work in IT, and am based in Plymouth working for HM Land Registry.

I have taken the lead role with the Buckfastleigh Volunteer Emergency Response Team, and lead the team in planning our response to a number of scenarios in the town. I volunteer at the South Devon Railway, in the Booking Hall selling tickets or in the Workshop rebuilding one of steam trains.  As a councillor, I want to continue to enhance and prepare the VERT group to ensure we are able to support the Town at times when it needs us most. I will also work to retain the character of the town by ensuring that any planning proposals get the proper scrutiny.

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Sue Clarke

I have lived in Buckfastleigh for 13 years and my children attended South Dartmoor Community Academy. I have spent my career working with young people and I have a strong interest in issues that affect their welfare. A big part of my life in the last year or two has been being part of the amazing group of people that run the Sports Club on Holne Road. Looking at ways to open up that facility to a more diverse group of people and encourage local youths to take time away from their electronic devices and play outdoors, is our goal.

I love Buckfastleigh, it is a unique and beautiful place, but I also appreciate the isolation, lack of opportunity and lack of employment that can affect those in rural communities. I have been impressed with the positive changes that came from electing BIG councillors in Buckfastleigh. They looked for new ways to get things done and consult with townsfolk. Most importantly, they have won the funding that’s needed to improve things and develop new projects.

I wantto serve the people of Buckfastleigh and Buckfast and promise to work hard, to listen and to achieve positive change on their behalf.

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John Bailey

My wife and I have lived in Dean Prior for 34 years and my children attended school in Buckfastleigh and Ashburton. I’m the Chairman of Buckfastleigh Football Club and Secretary of the Social Club and I want to develop sports and activity to get people happier and healthier.

I’m the owner of a successful local shop fitting company employing 90 people and have a lifetime’s experience in contracts management, project planning, budget management, communications and people management - skills that would be really helpful on the Town Council to help ensure we’re managing money, assets and people properly to make the most of the opportunities available.

I’m not allied to any political party but I am working with the BIG19 team to use my skills to assist local people, businesses, sports and leisure facilities to make life better for everyone in our great town.

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Sylvia Phillips

I’ve enjoyed living in Buckfastleigh for over thirty years.  My children all attended Buckfastleigh Primary School; in the past my mother taught there and I was a school governor for a while.  For a number of years I helped organise Children’s festivals in Victoria Park.  Currently I’m a member of the French Twinning Association, also a trustee with the Valiant Soldier and for the Bungalow Youth Project. 

I have a degree in fine art and in my spare time enjoy any arts and crafts pursuits.  My last employment was as a manager of Adult and Community Learning for Devon County Council; therefore I have a good understanding of local government and the importance of education for all.  The current economic climate is difficult; however I’m keen to help find ways to see Buckfastleigh become a thriving community once again. 

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Council Representation on other local organisations:-

Buckfastleigh Communty Development Project (Trust) – Vacant
Buckfast Village Hall – Cllr Andy Stokes

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