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Council Staff

Town Clerk : Mrs Judith M. Hart - Click to Email Judith

Town Council Admin Assistant: Ms Inga Page - Click  to Email Inga

Town Hall Administrator : Mrs Clair Stevens - Click to email Clair

Town Ranger: Ray Staines  - Click to email Ray.  Ray works on Mondays only from 8 am to 4.30 pm.


Caretaker : Kiki Sykes

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Meet your Town Councilors...

With effect from 13th December 2018

If you are interested in becoming a Town Councillor, you can find out more here.

Andy Stokes

Chair of Town Council and Town Mayor

•Finance Committee - Chair
•Environment and Transport Committee

Andy Stokes"I've been campaigning hard in the last few years to protect our health services and hospitals from cuts & closure and also for full funding for our schools.

An ex-teacher in further and higher education, I am presently a self-employed web developer and a volunteer counsellor.

I want to find ways to encourage all of us to get involved in running our community & planning a better future for ourselves & our children."

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Pam Barrett

•Finance Committee
•Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development Committee - Chair
•Environment and Transport Committee

Pam Barrett"I want to make sure we protect the things that make Buckfastleigh special – especially our amazing wildlife and landscape.

I’d like to help more people get involved in the running of their town, supporting projects that really make a difference.

I’m very much involved in the running of our pool and the building of the new skate park and play area and I want more people to visit our town to see what a great place it is. "

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Huw Cox

•Finance Committee
•Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development Committee
•Environment and Transport Committee

"I have lived in Buckfastleigh for 20 years and work as a self-employed builder and landscaper.  My partner is a teacher and my daughter attended Buckfastleigh Primary School and is now at South Dartmoor Community College. My particular interests are affordable housing, local employment opportunities, and ensuring residents of Buckfastleigh get a fair deal and that money available is spent for the benefit of the majority of residents."

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Ron Fox

•Environment and Transport Committee
•Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development

Ron Fox"I've lived in & worked in and around Buckfastleigh since 1970 and married to Jay, I have brought up my five children in the town.

I have been an active member of Friends Of Buckfastleigh School & the local Amateur Dramatic Group and have been very actively involved in the campaign to save the pool where all of my children learned to swim - I will be part of the team overseeing the renovations that will mean the pool can re-open in May.

I share the ambition to see our town council working and co-operating with you, the residents, to make the most of our town. "

Kate Paxman

•Environment and Transport Committee

"I run a community arts initiative.   As a Councillor I want to ensure that the very positive activities of our current councillors are supported and continue.   I plan to work towards continuing to provide a forum where the needs of every person/group in the parish are represented."

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Dan Simpson

•Finance Committee

•Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development Committee


Dan Simpson"As a Buckfastleigh business owner, I am passionate about promoting 'buy local’ & believe strongly in the promotion of tourism in our town &  feel we could shout louder about what we have to offer. I have recently taken on the role of Chairperson for a newly formed Buckfastleigh Lamb Pie Day committee & Christmas Fair Day for the town.

There are lots of fantastic groups doing very positive things for our town - I want to bring these together to form something stronger & more knowledgeable. As one of the new Landlords of the Globe Inn, I’m always on hand to listen to the views of our locals. "

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Janet Jones

Deputy Chair of Town Council and Deputy Town Mayor

•Environment and Transport Committee - Chair

Janet Jones"In 1969 I arrived in Buckfastleigh to teach in the primary school, where later on I became chair of the governors. Trefor and I married settled in the town and with our 2 daughters started to become actively involved in many community groups. As a family we had fun, and a few tears, on the Carnival committee, FOBS, the Majorettes, the Pantomime group, the cubs and others. As a family we have always been involved with the St. Luke's church. I am branch leader for the Mothers Union. Until my retirement I worked as an Educational Welfare Officer.

In recent years I have been involved in The Children’s Centre, Home Start, the renovation of the War Memorial and Buckfastleigh Town Council. As chair of the planning group I have been working with TDC and Dartmoor national park, to ensure planning regulations are adhered to and the community feel that have been listened to over their planning applications.

I firmly believe that with team work we can achieve what we want for our town of Buckfastleigh "

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Ben Cattrall

"I am Area Manager of a chain of pubs in the southwest and am interested in bringing the community together through innovative projects and events."

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Pamela Forbes

•Environment and Transport Committee

Pamela-Forbes_headnshoulders"Born in London, I have lived in Buckfastleigh for 26 years. Always involved in local charities, functions and concerns. I'm very committed to a 'fair deal' for small and less affluent communities like Buckfastleigh and feel a necessity to pursue the reasons why certain things are considered unaffordable.

I also have concerns regarding the emotional needs of the lonely elderly and hope to be able to put my points to the council to consider transport where, at the moment, there is none.

My interests are, in particular, cookery, gardening, music and wildlife. I have two sons, two dogs and one grand daughter."

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Gwena Harman

"I am a student at Kennicott in Totnes doing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.  At 18 years old, I am one of the youngest town councillors in the country.  I am interested in finding out more about how the Council can benefit the local community and am looking forward to promoting the interests of youth in the town.  

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Simon Rines

•Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development Committee

Simon Rines"I am the chair of the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, working with other local people to produce a positive, ambitious plan for the Parish. I am also involved in the Buckfastleigh Community Forum and ran the press campaign in the fight to stop Whitecleaves Quarry becoming an industrial waste dump.

I run a publishing company specialising in sport business from an office in Buckfastleigh ."

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Council Representation on other local organisations:-

Buckfastleigh Communty Development Project (Trust) – Vacant
Buckfast Village Hall – Cllrs Janet Jones & Pamela Forbes

You can view the register of Councillors' pecuniary interests on the Teignbridge District Council website here

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