Become a Carbon Cutter!

Action Climate Teignbridge (ACT) would like to recruit enthusiastic and self-motivated community-based volunteers to become Carbon Cutters (CC).   A Carbon Cutter is someone who understands the need to cut carbon emissions in our communities, and has the training and skills to be able to help others to reduce their carbon footprint themselves.

ACT provide initial training to become a CC and continue to support you as you develop your skills.   As a CC, you can help and empower your local communities to reduce their carbon footprint through a variety of fun and interesting projects.  You do not need to have any experience, just a passion for the planet and an interest in reaching out to your community.

More than 90% of people believe there is a Climate Emergency, yet less than 5% are acting effectively to mitigate this. Whilst many of those are waiting for our leaders to act, Carbon Cutters make it possible for individuals to be empowered with the know how to reduce their own emissions, and guide others and create their own path to achieve a net-zero carbon economy by midcentury. 

If you are interested in attending the free training course (ACT offer both face to face and online training) then please contact Scott Williams:

Tel:  01626 862672