Buckfastleigh Town Council Meeting 12 August 2020 – Key Messages

  1. Buckfastleigh Response – demand for the Food Bank during the coronavirus increased seven-fold and the need is likely to continue due to job losses and the economic impact. We will continue to support our community during this crisis and agreed to fund £10,000 to the Food Bank from the £20,000 Covid-19 ring-fenced budget.
  2. Town Council Meetings – we agreed to continue to meet monthly using the virtual facility Zoom. Please see our website, Facebook page or contact the Clerk for further information. Our next meeting is Wednesday 16th September at 7.00pm which will include a discussion about the provision of free community training.
  3. Looking forward to 2021 –we are now consulting with the community so we can plan and budget for the next financial year. An online questionnaire will be available shortly and our second Councillor’s surgery will be held at The Living Room on Saturday 5th September from 10.00am to 11.30am but please do stop and have a chat with our Councillors when you are out and about or contact them as follows:

Andy Stokes  andystokes@nullbuckfastleigh.gov.uk

Pam Barrett  pamelamaybarrett@nullyahoo.com

John Bailey  jwb@nullbenbowgroup.co.uk

Sue Clarke  sue2earth2002@nullyahoo.co.uk 

Huw Cox  coxhuw@nullyahoo.co.uk

Ron Fox  ronfox15@nullgmail.com

Darren Greep  darren.greep@nulloutlook.com

Gwena Harman  gwenaharman@nullgmail.com

Kate Kayley  k_kayley@nullhotmail.com

David Patrick  david.m1fcf@nullmac.com

Sylvee Phillips  sylvee.phillips@nullhotmail.co.uk

Full minutes will be available on the website after the next Town Council Meeting.