Buckfastleigh Town Council Meeting 28th July 2021 – Key Messages

1.   Grants Awarded – We were pleased to award a second payment of £1,000 to the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust to enable them to complete their new and exciting wildlife project and £900 to support the Network of Wellbeing Share Shed – a Library of Things initiative which visits Buckfastleigh every Saturday.

2.   Teignbridge Local Plan (Part 2) Consultation – We will be responding to the draft Teignbridge Local Plan (Part 2) 2020-2040: Creating Quality Places-Site Options Consultation and would encourage our community to comment online on this document by the 9th August deadline.

3.   Community Consultation – The Town Council is pleased to support the forthcoming Creative Community Consultation for Buckfastleigh which will be facilitated by Be Buckfastleigh. Members agreed to contribute £250 towards the administration costs of this initiative.

4.   Furlong Close Play Park – The long-awaited refurbishment of the Furlong Close Play Park at Buckfast by Teignbridge District Council received our full support at the meeting and we look forward to seeing the completed project.


Full minutes will be available on the website after the next Town Council Meeting