Fly Tipping

Unfortunately the Town Hall has on occasions been used as a dumping ground for unwanted rubbish. We do not have the facilities or staff to deal with this and therefore have to use public money from your Council Tax to have things removed which have included a TV, a bicycle and unwanted household items. More recently a contractor has dumped approximately 1/2 a ton of broken slate behind the Town Hall hoping that this will not be noticed due to our own roof repairs. The slate however, is a different colour, age and quality and the nails are of a different material. Public funds will now have to be used for own contractor to remove this to be disposed at a landfill site.We would also assume that the householder who has employed this unscrupulous roofing contractor/builder has also paid for this service!

Fly tipping is illegal and if caught the offender can be prosecuted. Please do not assume that because we too are a local authority that we have the means to dispose of rubbish or the funds!

If you witness fly tipping please report to the Environmental Hotline: 0800 328 6402 or email: