Key Messages from the Town Council Meeting held on 10.06.2015

Buckfastleigh Town Council Meeting – 10th June 2015 – Key Messages…

We will aim to issue brief Key Message summaries like this as soon as possible after council meetings. Full minutes will be available on the website when they have been approved by the next full council meeting in the following month…

1. Neighbourhood Plan – further work to be commissioned on traffic and road issues – additional consultation to take place over summer at sites across the parish – steering committee to be reconvened to assist Council with planning next steps.
If you would like  to review the latest draft of the Neighbourhood Plan – you can download it here… Send your comments/suggestions to Cllr. Simon Rines who is Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee.

2. Electoral Review of Devon – Council to comment about realigning parish boundaries to include those settlements generally accessing facilities within town.

3. Whitecleave Quarry – Council to set up a working party to take forward the recommendations to amend the liaison group terms of reference, improve the complaints process and make representation about the impact on local residents and environment.

4. Beating the Bounds – a community project to walk the parish boundary will take place in October.

5. Recycling and Community Composting – Council to invite Devon Community Compost network to hold a public meeting to discuss options.

6. Skate park Group and Victoria Park – the Skate Park group to meet with Victoria Park Trustees to discuss options and plans.

7. Communications – the Council agreed to the following:

  • set up an official Facebook page
  • agree key messages at the end of each meeting and publish them quickly
  • publish agendas in advance
  • use all available Town Council notice boards to post agendas and key messages
  • hold monthly Town Councillor surgeries at various locations around town
  • create a photo board of Councillors and Staff
  • create official email addresses for Councillors so they can be contacted directly
  • use the town newsletters to publish information about Council activities
  • create link on the website to allow people to sign up to receive information electronically



You can find meeting minutes of previous meetings here and agendas here. Our apologies if these are not always up-to-date as at busy times adding documents to the website may take a while.

If you have  a facebook account you might see more up-to-date information on Buckfastleigh Council facebook page.