Town Council Meeting on 15th March 2023 – Key Messages


  1. Hedgehog Highway Project: The Council has allocated £150 to join this project which will promote the creation of Hedgehog Highways.  These are gaps created in fences to enable hedgehogs to move around in safety and avoid having to use roads to access food.
  2. New Public Bench: Scoriton and Buckfastleigh Twinning Association are being gifted a public bench by their twin town of Fontaine-Henry as a thank you for the red phone box that was presented to them last year.  The location of the new bench has yet to be decided.
  3. Smaller Grants: Grants of £500 were awarded to Participate Arts for creative workshops and to Moor Imagination Collective for community engagement and business planning.


Full minutes will be available on the website after the next Town Council Meeting