Land at rear of Timbers Road

Dartmoor National Park Authority is currently undertaking a Local Plan review – read more about this process here. As part of this process a Land Availability Assessment (LAA) is produced. A landowner may submit a site for potential development and the LAA will consider whether this site could be developed. The LAA does not however, decide whether a site should be developed which is for the Local Plan or a planning application to determine.

The proposal for the land to the rear of Timbers Road to be developed is one of these sites. There is no planning application and the site lies outside the parish boundary of Buckfastleigh.

We would encourage residents to have your say about the Dartmoor Local Plan. The Statement of Community Involvement is now out for consultation until Monday 15th October 2018 – comments can be sent by email or post to

You can find out more about how new housing sites are selected for the Local Plan here.