Moor Otters are Coming to Town Again!

81 stunning Otter and Cub sculptures have now made their way out on to Dartmoor, Plymouth and surrounding towns.

Many of you may remember the previous, hugely popular Moor Otters project.  Large numbers of people were inspired to travel around the Dartmoor area visiting all the different otter sculptures and discovering new areas they might never have been to before  At the end of the season, the sculptures were auctioned off and the funds raised used to support projects on Dartmoor such as footpath restoration and the Junior Rangers scheme.

This year, Buckfastleigh is hosting three Otter and Cub sculptures:

“Salmon Run” is at Buckfastleigh Pool (pictured below).


“Everything is Connected” is at the Town Hall

“Agnes & Olave” is in the Living Room


Each otter has a plaque displaying the artist and otter name, sponsor (if applicable), a ‘Did You Know’ fact and a QR code which links to the Moor Otters web page, the trail maps with links to host businesses and masses of useful information about, competitions, bidding on otters and much more.  

A number of Trail Maps have been developed and are now so that Otter Spotters can plan their visits.

You can find out more here on the Dartmoor National Park website and on the Moor Otters Arts Trail page on Facebook.