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Town Council Meeting on 16 November 2022 – Key Messages

New Flood Warning Service: The Environment Agency provided an update on the new Flood Warning Service for Buckfastleigh which will be live for residents to subscribe to from 7th December: either online at, email, or contact Floodline 0345 9881188 (24 hours) Parish Poll: 29 members of the public attended and there was a […]

Vacancies on the Town Council

There are currently three Town Councillor vacancies.  If you would like to make a difference to your town, please contact the Town Clerk for further information.   Email:   Mobile: 07904 033616 You can find out more about the role of Town Councillor here    

New Biosecurity Requirements for Chicken & Turkey Keepers

Even if you only keep a few birds, there are new requirements relating to their housing and biosecurity.   Avian Influenza has been in the country for over a year and since 1 October 2022 there has been 90 confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N1 in England alone.  Which brings the total number […]

Christmas Meals

Would you like a meal for you (and your family) delivered to your door on Christmas Eve?    Buckfastleigh Town Council is once again providing Christmas meals (supplied by Wiltshire Farm Foods) to anyone in the town that would like it. Meat, fish or vegetarian options are available. To request meals, email or phone […]

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

On 17 October 2022 an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone was declared by the Government across the whole of England. This was because of the increased number of cases of the disease across the country. All bird keepers (whether they have pet birds, commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard) are now required […]

Problems with roads, parking, potholes etc?

Devon County Council is responsible for our highways and you need to contact them online about any issues.  Their website lists the following problems which can be reported: Potholes; parking; overgrown vegetation; public rights of way; hazardous or fallen trees; debris or obstruction; defective road signs; trip hazards; defective traffic lights; broken manhole cover; grit […]

Town Council Meeting 19th October 2022 – Key Messages

Warm Space: The Town Hall and Library will be available as a Warm Space starting on 1st November, offering a warm space and hot drinks from 9 am to 1 pm.  Further details will be on the Council website. TDC Budget: Cllr Huw Cox highlighted the challenges of Teignbridge District Council setting the budget for […]

Buckfastleigh Green Fair

  About 70 local residents attended the Buckfastleigh Green Fair on 8th October in the Town Hall. There was lots of positive feedback from both the public and the organisations who attended, which included new partnership ideas and communication, comments about a great sense of community and thanks to Judith, the Town Clerk, for organising […]

Town Council Meeting 7th September 2022 – Key Messages

1.     Parish Meeting – With increasing demands on the Town Council budget due to the cost of living and energy crisis and following receipt of a grant application from Victoria Park to increase our annual contribution to support the swimming pool from £21,000 to £65,000 together with an inflationary rise, it was agreed by the Chair to call a […]

Parish Meeting on 28th September

This meeting is to discuss having a parish poll with regards to raising the precept/Council tax to fund an application for increased funding from Victoria Park and Swimming Pool.  The Town Council feels this matter needs to be discussed as widely as possible by members of the Buckfastleigh community, so please do come to make […]

Town Council Meeting 17th August 2022 – Key Messages

Valiant Soldier – We are pleased to award £4,000 to the Valiant Soldier for their Garden and Wall Restoration Project Huccaby’s – The Town Council will be expressing their thanks to Pete and Angie Collings at Huccaby’s News for their long service to this community.  An invitation will be going to the town’s traders shortly […]

Extraordinary Town Council Meeting 3rd August 2022 – Key Messages

1.   Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool – Representatives of the Victoria Park charity provided an update at the July meeting regarding the situation with the increasing energy costs of running the swimming pool.  The trustees are consulting with the Town Council and the community to see if the difference can be met from an increase to the […]

Town Council Meeting 20 July 2022 – Key Messages

1.   Buckfastleigh Swimming Pool – Representatives of the Victoria Park trustees attended the Town Council meeting to present the situation with the future of the swimming pool in the light of increased energy and other ongoing costs.  Approximately 45 members of the public also attended. Town Councillors were given the opportunity to hear representations from […]

Vacancy for a New Councillor

VACANCY FOR A TOWN COUNCILLOR  Come and join Buckfastleigh Town Council and make a difference in your Local Community. We are looking to co-opt a new Town Councillor. To qualify as a candidate and to continue to hold the office of Town Councillor, a person must be a British or Commonwealth citizen, citizen of the […]

Town Council Meeting 15th June 2022 – Key Messages

Grants  – The Council was pleased to award grants to the following organisations:              The Pokemon Club – £500             Friends of Buckfastleigh Library – £500             Moorland Community Care – £250             The Friendship Group – £500 Buckfastleigh Citizens Advice […]