The Town Council hold regular monthly full Town Council meetings and also regular meetings of the following Committees:

• Tourism, Recreation and Economic Development Committee (TRED) – chaired by Simon Rines
• Environment and Transport Committee (ETC) – chaired by Janet Jones
• Finance Committee – chaired by Andy Stokes

Members of the public are invited to all of these meetings and there is time at the beginning of meetings to ask questions or raise issues.

Meeting agendas and subsequent minutes will be posted as they become available. Click on an item to view the agenda or minutes of a meeting as a PDF file…

NB: Full minutes of a meeting are not available until they have been ratified by a subsequent meeting. This can result in quite long delays, and for this reason, the council will now endeavour to release a brief ‘Key Messages’ summary whenever possible (on this website and via the council’s facebook page) soon after main council meetings.

To view Agendas and Minutes from previous meetings look here


Full Council


Finance Committee


Environment & Transport Committee (Formerly Planning, Environment & Transport)


Tourism, Recreation & Economic Development Committee


Previous Meetings (Archive)