Falcon Bus and Buckfastleigh

The Council has asked Stagecoach buses to look at the possibility of having the Falcon bus (which runs from Plymouth to Bristol/Bristol Airport) stop at Dartbridge.  The suggestion is to have this stop instead of Marley Head which is further from population centres, less well served by public transport and generally less convenient.  Stagecoach regularly review their services and it is possible to send comments to them.  Residents of Buckfastleigh and Buckfast are encouraged to contact them if they would like to have the possibility to board a bus direct to Bristol or its airport from near their home.  Here are the details:

Stagecoach review their services constantly and this winter are launching their Route Network Development Plan which will set out structural changes they want to make to the route network in the South West.  A copy of this will be forwarded to the Council once it has been finalised.   The document will show contact details for feedback, although comments are welcomed at any time. The easiest way is via email: southwest.enquiries@nullstagecoachbus.com.