Buckfastleigh Neighbourhood Plan

2nd Phase…

We have successfully applied for extra assistance from the government so the Neighbourhood Plan has now moved into a second round of consultation to develop a masterplan for the town. This will look in more detail at issues such as the future of the Devonia site and traffic-flow… Please watch this space to find out how you can take part.


The Neighbourhood Plan information boards will be on display in various places around the town over the coming months for you to add your comments and ideas. The Plan will influence Town Planning in the parish for the next 20 years, so make sure you are a part of it.


A Neighbourhood Plan is a government-backed process where local people decide how they would like their community to develop over the next ten years.

The plan focuses mainly on land use and provides local authorities such as Teignbridge District Council (TDC), Dartmoor National Park Authority and Devon County Council with a clear view of how local people wish to see the land used. This helps guide these planning authorities when new planning applications are made. Although the Neighbourhood Plan cannot dictate to land owners what they can do with their land, it does carry influence and can help stimulate positive development and prevent damaging development.

The plan requires that local people undertake research and consultation in the community. To date our Parish plan has seen numerous public meetings and special interest groups have undertaken a great deal of research on areas such as housing, environment, economy, leisure, tourism, young people and public infrastructure.

Our draft Neighbourhood Plan has attempted to be ambitious for the future of the Parish and has made recommendations that, if undertaken, would improve our lives through enhanced leisure and business opportunities and by  improving the protection of our environment.

At the end of the process, TDC will review the plan to check that it meets planning criteria. The plan will then be presented to the Parish in a full referendum with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote. If a majority vote ‘yes’ the plan will be adopted.

Our Vision

Buckfastleigh Parish is covered by two planning authorities – that of Dartmoor National Park and Teignbridge. Buckfastleigh Town Council as stewards of the Plan requests that both authorities are informed and work with each other in supporting the parish and its residents.

The parish sits within a protected area for the environment, flora, fauna and wildlife having a designated special site of scientific interest and borders on an area of outstanding beauty. Our vision is that this remains so for future generations.

The key principles for incorporation into a 20 year plan are:

  • A well-connected town to its hinterland and beyond with improved access
  • A high quality neighbourhood centre at the Devonia site, that links into the heart of the town and services providing a mixture of commercial, residential and leisure facilities
  • Any new housing to be highly rated and for lifelong occupancy
  • An active, vibrant town for all ages with sustainability at the centre and is equipped for the 21st century
  • Well maintained community spaces that continue to encourage meeting places for all ages and identify other suitable areas
  • Identify sites for further allotments/community growing
  • Provides opportunities and jobs that do not impact on the health and well-being of residents or the environment
  • Promote an improved economy and bring further tourism to the area through the attractions in the parish and surrounding environs
  • Celebrates its people, place, history, present, future and successes


You can download the latest Draft here. Thanks to everyone in the town who has contributed their ideas and suggestions.

The Green Infrastructure Strategy report that was produced in July 2018 as part of the Neighbourhood Plan is available here 

The short video that was made from interviews conducted during the consultation with young people, entitled ‘Nobody Listens’, can be viewed here.

If you would like to contribute to the plan, please address comments by email to Cllr. Simon Rines by clicking .