Covid-19 Buckfastleigh Response

The Buckfastleigh Helpline has been discontinued. The Food Bank remains active and can be contacted on 01364 643120.

Dartmoor National Park Byelaws Consultation

Dartmoor National Park is consulting on some proposed changes to its byelaws which will affect activities such as wild camping, dog walking, barbecues.  You can read the detail and comment here.  The deadline for commenting is 1st November 2021.

Natural Flood Management

Buckfastleigh is one of the Dartmoor communities that will most benefit from the natural flood management techniques being employed on Holne and Dean Moors.   Read all about the project here.

Moor Otters Trail 2021

Buckfastleigh hosted 3 otters this year and this helped to boost visitor numbers.  Read more about the project.

Free, local COVID tests available every week on Wednesdays

Starting Wednesday, 23rd June, Buckfastleigh residents can access free lateral flow COVID tests every Wednesday in Victoria Woodlholme car park between 1.30 and 2.45 pm.  Read more information here.

Buckfastleigh Verges Have a Brighter Future

Deputy Mayor Erin Kohler-Ockmore and Councillor Huw Cox joined members of the Buckfastleigh Action for Nature Group for the launch of their verge management project.  Read more here.

Need advice on money, employment, benefits etc?

Even though the weekly session in town is not currently happening, Citizens Advice Teignbridge is still operating and can help you with your concerns online or over the phone.  More details on Citizens Advice here.

Town Council Meetings back on Wednesdays

The Town Council will once again be meeting on Wednesday evenings.  The next two dates are 27th October and 17th November.

Wildspace Garden Now Open!

The Wildspace Garden is now open to the public.  Read the story and find out opening times here.

COVID-19 & the Town Council/Town Hall

The Town Council office can still be reached by leaving a message on the office answerphone - 01364 642576 - or phoning the Town Clerk on 07904 033616.  

Valiant Soldier Open for Visitors

The Valiant Soldier is open until the end of October with free entry to those with a TQ11 postcode.  Read more here.

Buckfastleigh Youth Strategy

Young Devon was commissioned by the Town Council in 2018 to formulate a Youth Strategy and mission statement to meet the gaps in youth provision left by the withdrawal of services and funding. Following consultation with all the youth activity providers in the town, this new strategy has now been adopted and the Council looks forward to working in partnership with all our youth groups.   You can read the full Youth Strategy here.

Proposed New Housing Developments

Here you can read a current summary of the major housing developments in our town that are either currently being considered by Dartmoor National Park planners or are proposed.