Covid-19 Buckfastleigh Response

The Buckfastleigh Helpline is no longer operating as there is currently no demand. If you want to contact the food bank please call 01364 643120. If you need medical transport call DASH on 01364 653335.
NB: There will still be some staffing of the helpline number (01364 255819) so if you have no other way of collecting a prescription try calling and we may be able to help.

Need advice on money, employment, benefits etc?

Even though the weekly session in town is not currently happening, Citizens Advice Teignbridge is still operating and can help you with your concerns online or over the phone.  More details on Citizens Advice here.

COVID-19 Hardship Fund

hardship fund posterFrom Teignbridge District Council:

Financial hardship may be facing many residents in Teignbridge as a result of COVID-19.

To tackle this problem, we launched jointly with Devon County Council a Covid-19 Hardship Fund designed to support local people in financial difficulties with funds to cover basic costs.
This may be as a result of:

  • Reduction in income either through self-employment, being furloughed, reduced hours or made redundant
  •  Increase of costs such as transport costs, utility bills, child care or other expenditure
  • An urgent need to purchase essential items such as white goods

Support from the Hardship Fund will only be given if no alternative source of funding is available and the Fund will make payments directly to creditors. Payments will normally be up to £200 other than in exceptional circumstances.

The Hardship Fund will support individuals or households but not businesses which are entitled to apply for support from other schemes. To qualify an individual must be:

  • Resident in Teignbridge for three months prior to the application
  • Financially impacted by the COVID19 pandemic
  • Unable to receive funding from other sources
  • Without savings or £500 disposable income

Examples of payments that can be made are:

  • Costs of utility or essential mobile phone bills
  • Transport costs
  • Household costs such as essential shopping not met through Foodbanks
  • Purchase of white goods or other essential items

More details are on our website at: where applications should be made.
Households without internet access can call us on 01626 215 512.
Applicants can expect a response within 7 days.

Proposed New Housing Developments

Here you can read a current summary of the major housing developments in our town that are either currently being considered by Dartmoor National Park planners or are proposed.

We want to hear from you!

Buckfastleigh Stag over parish outline logoIn place of our annual in-person consultation with the community about what you would like to see happen in the town and what could be done better etc., we have set up this short online consultation which you can complete by clicking the following link:  online community consultation.  It should only take you about 5 or 10 minutes to complete.  The responses will feed into the decisions we make about allocating our budget next year and therefore what new projects are put in place with the Town Council's support.  

Coronavirus COVID-19

The Town Hall is re-opening for limited use from September 1st.  Click here for information on hiring the Town Hall. The Town Council office can still be reached by leaving a message on the office answerphone - 01364 642576 - or phoning the Town Clerk on 07904 033616. 

Meetings of the Town Council are still being held remotely.  You can read the protocol for remote meetings here.  You can read the key messages from the last Town Council meeting on 12th August here.   The next Town Council meeting will be on Wednesday 21st October, 7 - 9 pm.

From Friday, July 24, Government COVID-19 legislation changes mean it is mandatory to wear a face covering in all shops and retail premises.  The measure will see all shops able to prevent entry to the premises to anyone not wearing a face covering.  Police have the power to issue a fixed penalty notice to anyone refusing to comply with the legislation, although Devon & Cornwall Police will be adopting an educate, engage and encourage approach with enforcement as a final option.

Electronic Community Noticeboards coming to town

Buckfastleigh's first trial electronic community noticeboard can be seen in Searle's window.  More will be on the way....  Here is further information on electronic community noticeboards.

The second noticeboard can now be seen in the window of 'The Living Room' - the community hub of 'Be Buckfastleigh' at 55 Fore St.

Keep an eye on these to stay up-to-date with news and events around town.

Buckfastleigh Youth Strategy

Young Devon was commissioned by the Town Council in 2018 to formulate a Youth Strategy and mission statement to meet the gaps in youth provision left by the withdrawal of services and funding. Following consultation with all the youth activity providers in the town, this new strategy has now been adopted and the Council looks forward to working in partnership with all our youth groups.   You can read the full Youth Strategy here.